2017-09-02 09:18:31 by JunkYardAnimations

The 7 deadly sins, Monster Pool Horror Anthology...

Yes!! I was asked by a local producer to animate a segment for a Horror movie being filmed in Ottawa, Canada. I'll be using the Mr.Hatcher charatcers and making it raunchy, violent and wierd as fuck haha so be sure to check it out as I troll the audience with my filth >:)

The Horror movie is called Monster Pool 3.. so look out for it this Halloween


If I get more content published in movies, I'll be sure to bring on the Newgrounds cast for some sexy and epic collaborations. I'm always in need of voice actors (splits merch sales), App devs (split profits) and musicians.. need that bg music!

I was approved for YouTube Partnership as well.. so let's do this!!




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2017-09-02 09:37:42

this is awesome - congrats!

JunkYardAnimations responds:

Thanks!! Will you watch the clip?? :D


2017-09-03 06:21:45

You betcha ;)